Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Learning new things are always exciting. Today i will be sharing about Twitter sentiment analysis but first we need to get old data. Using Twitter API it is not possible to get older tweets. To get older data i am using the I’m using Jefferson utility. Clone this repository in your local machine and run below command to get 6000 tweets from 1-12-2015 to 2-12-2015 of #ChannaiFloods.

python --querysearch "ChennaiFloods" --since 2015-12-1 --until 2015-12-2 --maxtweets 6000

Top 10 users

import pandas as pd
import nltk 
tweet_df =pd.read_csv("output_got.csv")
users = tweet_df["username"].tolist()
fdist2 = nltk.FreqDist(users)


Text Pre-processing

All tweets are processed to remove unnecessary things like links, non-English words, stopwords, punctuation’s, etc. First you need to download stopword corpus in your computer.Start NLTK Downloader and download all the data you need.

import nltk
Written on January 22, 2017